JBP Trenchless Training – New courses

JBP’s Trenchless Training Programme delivers water and sewer networks assets management courses to professionals, combining the knowledge and experience of key experts active in the  Trenchless Sector. Course developers and trainers are renowned professionals with more than 30 years of experience: Dr. Dec Downey, Don Ridgers, Tom Sangster, and Börje Persson.

Full information of all JBP’s courses are available at www.trenchless.training, including three new courses for sewer pipe and water mains maintenance and rehabilitation.

For the moment, the Trenchless Training platform has 4 courses, accessible only in English:

  • “Sewer Pipe Condition Classification & Coding”, in cooperantion with Dr. Dec Downey and Börje Persson. It is a 3-day course focused on sewer pipe inspection and sewer pipe condition coding.
  • “Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Design & Current Practice”, trained by Dr. Dec Downey, focused on the current Calculation and Design considerations for effective implementation of pipeline rehabilitation using CIPP methods.
  • “Water Mains – Inspection, Assessment & Decision-making”, taught by Tom Sangster. This topic is divided into two one-day courses, which can be accessed independently of each other or taken progressive series depending on the levels and experience of those attending.
  • “Water Mains – Pipeline Rehabilitation & Replacement”, in cooperation with Tom Sangster. It is the second course of the “Water mains” theme.

For more information about JBP’s Trenchless Training programme and any of its courses, please contact at info@jbpcomposites.com.