Trenchless Training – New course !

Six months after the launch of the Trenchless Training online platform, we are delighted to announce that we have a new course available: CIPP Design and Current Practice. Developed in conjunction with Dr. Dec Downey, this course will deliver to you the skills and knowledge to evaluate design and current practice for CIPP lining methods and assist you with assessing and selecting the right methods to meet pipeline rehabilitation requirements.

The course is delivered through the JBP Trenchless Training online platform, with a blended learning approach. On the one hand, autonomous access with prepared on-line modules and support materials, and on the other hand, live seminars with professionals.

Producto estrella – Febrero 2022

At JBP we continue to develop our range of End Cans and sewer equipment. Made of high-quality stainless steel (AISI 304), the end cans close the end points of the liners allowing calibration with compressed air and expand the liner within the existing pipe before and during the UVA light curing.

We manufacture our end cans here in Valencia, Spain, with the highest quality materials, for long-lasting durability and with no risk of corrosion and minimal deterioration. The industrial matt finish is achieved with glass micro-bead blasting, smoothing out and eliminating possible impurities on the surface.

Webinar “CIPP Rehabilitation. Material and performance”

On April 14th, 2022, our CEO, Borje Persson, will present a webinar, entitled “CIPP Rehabilitation. Material and performance”, hosted by ISTT.

This webinar will look retrospectively at the development of both gravity and pressure CIPP applications, to give the audience an informed view as to what technical degree the technology for CIPP has evolved, in terms of materials, design and application technology, to achieve final pipe performance to meet today’s requirements and relevant standards.

You can now register to attend this webinar by clicking HERE.

Don’t miss it!



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