The Berolina Liners consist of resin-saturated fiberglass and/or polyester webs between two waterproof and styrol-proof film tubes. They are ready to be installed upon delivery but can also be stored for several months.

After a thorough cleansing, the sliding film is first drawn in by means of a capstan, and then the adjusted Berolina Liner drawn into the pipe to be sanitized. This procedure is referred to as “winched in place (WIP).” The two ends are closed with packers, the tube “inflated” with approx. 0.5 bar of compressed air and pressed onto the pipe wall. The outer film of the Berolina Liner thus prevents contamination of soil and ground water, as well as the penetration of resin into the intakes. The Berolina Liner now adapts to all changes in the cross-section and in the profile in terms of the shape. After complete stretching of the Berolina Liner, a special UV-light source is drawn into the liner by a packer/ end cans (are part of the UV-curing equipment).

Compressed air as a medium offers the advantage that the not-yet hardened Berolina Liner can be inspected with the help of a special camera during the drawing-in of the light source. Then the light source is ignited and drawn through the Berolina Liner at a defined speed; the resin-saturated tissue hardens due to the UV-light and the inner protective film is removed afterwards. If the tube ends are sealed, the hardening occurs without any emissions. Thus a new pipe in the old pipe comes into being, within the shortest period of time and without harming the environment; it is a stable inner lining for all commonly-used pipe materials including brick ducts. The slight cross-sectional loss is for the most part functionally compensated through the smooth and abrasion-resistant inner surface of the Berolina Liner.

The hardening speeds vary according to the diameter and wall thickness of the Berolina Liner. It is possible to harden up to four liner sections in one day with one column.

Intakes can be easily found after the hardening because they stand out visually in the Berolina Liner very clearly due to its high degree of pliability. They are milled again according to the usual procedures on the market.

The Berolina Liners are “endlessly” manufactured and can also be installed “on the item“ over long stretches.

Here you can see in detail how our liner is structured and how we can install it within the shortest period of time.